Fee Schedules:  All new M/M renters are for  6 months or 1 year.

Vendors can opt to do 4  events per month ( call for rates) or 2 on concrete for $50.00

 If you desire to renew lease or not a 30- 60 day notice is required depending on long term contract.

your payment includes, advertising on our website and on printed and social media is included with your rental. On site electric and other amenities, including  lighting, tables, chairs, benches. and lavatory

____80.00/m unlimited days/events (10x10) and ______125/m (10x20) unlimited days/events/electric, need minimum of 6m lease

Add electric for less then 6m leases
____15.00/m for 15A/110/120V_____$25/m ______30A/220/240V_____$50/M 50A/220/240V  (for meal MVU), 

        * Non Meal MVUs typically have electric included.
____1 occasion is 100 Sq.ft is $15.00, includes 1 day electricity
____1 occasion, 200 Sq.ft $25.00 includes 1 day electricity

*Group rates available *Special Occasions *501C3 rates available  and single event vendors

Space is availability dependent. Priority goes to our leasing vendors. All vendors must be on site holidays and special events, unless previously agreed upon with owner . A vendor can be there anytime during the park hours. Oasis will not rent to other like vendors as long as your rental /lease is in good standing. If you can't make it Oasis Mgmt reserves the right to rent that space. for that event/day

Special Event Rates Available - Call and/or fill out our online application

Select 501c3 free or discounted. Submit a Vendor request and ID yourself as a 501c3 with TAX ID

You can call me, text, or write for an application r for any questions or Look on the Vendor application tab 

Maximum - 3 Food Truck Venders unless a special occasion

Wanted Entrepreneurs, artists, carvers, farmers, photographers, equine/pet accessories, retailers, etc.

Can schedule multiple 501C - non profits per day

Wanted entertainment, drama, musicians, entertainers, teaching groups, schools who want to use our facilities 

Wanted Food Trucks, Micro Brewers, Vineyards, Cider Makers, ( All vendors must have permits and valid insurance)

NO WiFi, No access to non potable water, or grey water clean out  


       *Exceptions allowed for adoption events for 501c's or Government shelters

 No Generators preferred during entertainment/Exceptions may be obtained prior to an event

All rates are subject to change without notice

Vendor Registration and Payments

If you would like to become a vendor at Oasis Open Air Market please fill out this application. To expedite your application please call ((919) 799-7434 *Before you submit!​ By signing and submitting you guarantee that you have all permits and insurances required by local and/or state authorities for vendors.* *Disclaimer: By signing this you indicate that you understand that Oasis does not guarantee you any amount of business. You also agree that Jackie Adams or Oasis Market Group LLC are not liable for any injuries, property damage or theft . You also agree not to in any way partake in any illegal activity while vending at Oasis Open Air Market (Such as selling/giving away of live animals etc.) *

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Oasis Open Air Market

613 E Cardinal St Siler, NC 27344 US

(919) 799-7434